What Our Customer Said About Their Trip
Abdul Raheem
Abdul Raheem
Just concluded our turkey trip with emerald tours. It was an enjoyable and memorable trip for the group. Had the opportunity to visit quite a number of mosques and mausolem, including the new camclica mosque in istanbul and the tokapi palace where relics(swords) of the prophet's companions were showcased .

Apart from that, we also had the opportunity to learn about the othaman history, their arts and culture, engineering works and how different religion beliefs co-existed together during the time. Of course not forgetting the time in pamukkale "cotton castle", getting our feets soaked up high in the mountain in the hot springs.

Personally, the hightlight of the trip has got to be the hot air balloon as it was somewhat a new experience for all. Rising up early, ascending up the mountains of cappadocia and soaking up in the cool breeze and welcoming the sun was a lifetime experience. Personal favourite cities are bursa and konya. In bursa, the city is located in highlands and the architecture of the mosques are amazing. Konya city dubbed as the city of mawlanas gives a you a totally new experience. Much of the land is on flat ground filled with mosques, trams, parks and friendly people. An islamic centre in short.

While one may wonder given the many cities to visit each day would be tiring, the itinerary was planned out in such a way the whole trip was less hectic. No doubt the rides to different cities were a distant, the journeys were neither tiring nor lethargic as there were stop overs to try roadside tea, delicacies made by the locals and plucking cherries and apricots, which made the journey less arduous. The experience of plucking fruits was nostalgic.

Credits to Ansari as well, travel agent now a good buddy. He ensured our welfare and went the extra mile to source for comfort food closer to home and made sure we were not too tired from the long rides.

Lastly, thanks to ansari and team for providing us a good deal. For those intending to visit turkey in dec or any other time, look at what ansari and team has to offer as we recommend their services as you will enjoy their company and services as much as we did.
Al hamdu lillah we went Umrah from 12 Apr 2017 to 22 Apr 2017, with Emerald Services. It was our first time and Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'alaa made it all smooth for us, from the group chosen, to our groupmates, hotels, food, facilities, etc. My husband (Thariq) and I want to thank Ansari anna and everyone from our group for taking good care of us and our kids during Umrah. Our Rabb has been endlessly mercy with us in planning our Umrah with a great group.

We might not have gotten much time to get to know each other. However we appreciate each of their kindness in helping with our kids during our gatherings. Neesha, Anisha, and Asan anna were of a great assistance before our Umrah trip and Ansari anna was undoubtedly very approachable and accommodating throughout our Umrah trip.

There will always be some hiccups in any trips and Ansari anna had been truly genuine in trying his best to accommodate to everyone in the group. It was truly great having Hazrat Milleth Ismail in our group. We enjoyed his bayans, patient explanations to our queries, his open talks on certain topics, his guidance and his extreme love towards our daughters.

We have already been recommending Emerald Tours to our family and friends. If you have a niyyat to perform Umrah, fulfill it with Emerald Tours, in shaa Allah. May Allah Ta'alaa bless Emerald Tours to bring more brothers and sisters from our Ummah to visit and experience the most wonderful feeling of Madinah and Makkah..