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Customised packages can be enabled with Emerald Tours and Travels. Its is the very core of what we strive for, to enable our customers travel plans effectively. With personalised understanding of your needs and interests, we will build a package to match that. 

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Aqiqah, is defined as the animal that is slaughtered on the occasion of child birth.

It literally means ‘cut’ and is often used to refer to the hair of the newborn baby that is cut or shaved.

The act of Aqiqah is highly encouraged. It is to be performed by the parents or the guardians of the child. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions used to perform Aqiqah when they were bestowed with a newborn.

The best time to perform Aqiqah is on the seventh day after the birth of the newly born baby.

Why Perform Aqiqah?

  • To announce the birth of the baby to friends and relatives to inform them of the new member of the family. This is to prevent any gossips and/or misunderstandings that could arise from that birth and to confirm the newborn’s rights to the family’s wealth and name
  • To show one’s gratitude to the Almighty creator, Allah SWT for his great blessings
  • To celebrate the blessed occasion among family members, neighbors and friends. The poor should also be included in the celebration by offering them food and meat served on this occasion.

Visa Application

  • Photograph
    Passport size (3cm x 4cm) [4 pieces] Photomeasurement (4cm x 6cm) [2 pieces] All photos must focus 70% from head to chin White Background
  • Photocopy of Certificates
    Marriage Certificate (if couple is going as husband & wife) Death Certificate (if spouse have passed away) Child Birth Certificate (if child is performing umrah as well) Divorce Certificate (to prove that single woman was divorced)
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Photocopy of I/C
  • Consent form (if single female is performing umrah without mahram)
  • Necessary Vaccinations Meningococcal Meningitis W135 Influenza
  • Deposit $200 (per person)


Korban means to ‘get close’ in Arabic. This is an act of slaughtering an animal a Muslim performs at a certain period so as to allow him to be able to get closer to Almighty God. The animals allowed to be slaughtered are goats, cows and camels. They are slaughtered on the day of Eidul Adha and also on the three days of Tasyrik which falls on the 11th, 12th and 13th of Zhulhijjah.

Benefits of Korban
  • Sacrificing an animal (Korban) is an act of worship. A Muslim performs it voluntarily with the intention of getting closer to Allah SWT
  • To remember Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) willingness to slaughter his beloved son, Ishmael as a sacrifice when commanded by God. The sacrifice was later replaced to a goat when Abraham and Ishmael succeeded in conforming to the commandments of Allah SWT
  • Doing charity to the poor and needy by contributing and distributing the meat to them “So pray to your lord and sacrifice (to him alone)” Qur’an 108:2 Al-Kawthar

Badal Haji

The hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and the Badal Hajj is an act of doing the hajj for the deceased, sickly elderly people or those who are disabled.

Whoever is able to celebrate the pilgrims call (for Hajj), but then due to illness or old age and is not able to carry it out, he may call upon those capable to do the hajj for them.

Sign-up for Badal Haji and you shall receive:
  • Certificate of appreciation Badal Haji
  • Zam-Zam Water (0.5 Litre)*
  • Korma*
  • Al-Quran
  • Sajadah
  • Tasbih
  • Songkok

(*dependent on stock availability)

Criterias for Badal Hajj:
1) Deceased, has not perform the hajj and has left a considerable wealth behind to perform it.
2) Those that are sick and may not have any hopes of recovering from the said illness.
3) The family must have the financial means to do so, otherwise it is not encouraged.
4) The cost of Hajj Badal cannot be more than (1/3 of the cost) the individual performing it.

2 Packages:
a) Basic Badal Haji:
- 1x Haji for the deceased
- 1x Umrah for the deceased
b) Full Badal Haji:
- 1x Haji for the deceased
- 1x Umrah for the deceased
- 1x Korban (Sheep)
- 2x Waqaf Quran (Masjidil Nabawi & Masjidil Haram)

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Those of you who wish to travel Umrah on their own, we provide home cooked Indian, Malay meals catering during your trip in both Makkah and Madinah. Affordable catering services with the best taste. 

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